Strong, beautiful and durable; Bamboo Flooring is an environmentally friendly product that adds elegance and distinction to any home.

As a species, bamboo is naturally beautiful and a durable alternative to our limited global supply of hardwoods. Botanically, bamboo is not a wood at all, but rather a grass giving it a short growth cycle of approximately five years. Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it's hard, strong and dimensionally stable. It is comparable in strength to northern red oak and possesses similar hardness to that of maple, yet is remarkably stable with 50% less contraction and expansion.

Whether your new flooring selection consists of our warm Honey Bamboo, an exotic stain variety, or a version of our Wood Defined TM rotary finished Bamboo; it is produced with only the best materials and finishes available today. Harvested at the ideal age of 5-7 years, our bamboo is all FSC Chain of Custody accredited, making it an ideal choice in environmentally friendly hard surface flooring. Our factories are ISO 9001:2000 and 14001-certified and held to the most stringent environmental standards worldwide.

Why choose Custom Surface Bamboo flooring?

  • Twelve step, mulit-layered meticulous manufacturing process that produces the highest quality, most beautiful and durable bamboo flooring in the market today.
  • Quality control process that monitor the chain of command of our product from the forest floor to the customer's floor using only dedicated Custom Surface personnel.
  • All of our floors incorporate our exclusive covershield durable surface overlay coating which gives our floors a hardness and scratch resistance surface which is unparalleled in the market today.
  • Due to its tropical characteristics, bamboo is naturally more moisture resistant than hardwoods and is less likely to warp, buckle or twist
  • Bamboo flooring can be installed on a handful of different surfaces, including those below grade

In addition to the more traditional natural and carbonized bamboo styles, Custom Surface can stain bamboo flooring to meet any given specifications.

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