Founded in 2003, Custom Surface is a full service, customer oriented flooring solutions business. We strive to offer our customers the best economical prices while providing the highest quality of stylish and beautiful flooring products. Custom Surface is dedicated to being the world's most responsive, innovative and dependable provider of flooring products.

Company History

Custom Surface was founded on the notion of providing the most popular and diverse flooring choices, designed for today's active lifestyle. By developing this mission statement we became dedicated to providing our customers with the finest and most exclusive flooring products found in the industry. Thus, Custom Surface became a primary leader among the companies who recognized the growing opportunity in the unique market of bamboo flooring products. By importing one of the world's first bamboo flooring shipments, Custom Surface was able to establish a firm base in a fast growing niche market, therefore allowing us to develop strong relationships with partners worldwide to offer customers the highest quality of bamboo flooring at a reasonable price. By obtaining this competitive advantage Custom Surface has been able to maintain consistency with our mission of being environmentally friendly and providing reasonably priced products. We have also been able to develop marketing and product information programs that help our customers to understand the benefits of bamboo flooring. Through these efforts we have developed a reputation as a sharp, technologically savvy marketing organization that can rapidly respond and effectively communicate to our customers. This reputation has allowed us to expand our inventory with growing demand to include bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate, stone and tile.

Since, 2003 Custom Surface has been dedicated to producing stylish, top quality, and convenient flooring products; specifically specializing in producing a new convenient method for installing hardwood flooring, called Rapid Loc®. Rapid Loc® wood flooring contains an innovative locking system that allows for quick and easy installation of beautiful hardwood flooring. From Hand-Scraped Acacia, Vintage Hickory to Exotics, Rapid Loc® flooring is available in today's most popular species and finishes.

Why Custom Surface?

We now offer more than 500 different unique products centered around five major brands and five product categories. Our products are sourced from four different continents and all must meet our strict quality control standards. We are committed to operating our business in a manner consistent with proper and diligent stewardship of our environment. We have proprietary and stringent manufacturing processes that ensure that are products have a consistency and quality that is unequaled. We make a commitment to our customers that all products are inspected by our own quality control personnel and meet our strict quality standards. Our product design, packaging and video demonstrations are distinctly innovative and have won multiple awards.

Private Label Development

If you are interested in offering products in bamboo, engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, or tile, glass and stone please contact us so that we can put together a turn key, world class global sourcing program for your customers.