Why Rapid Loc® Wood Flooring? – Locking HDF Core

Rapid Loc® wood flooring contains an innovative locking system that allows for quick and easy installation of beautiful hardwood flooring. Each flooring plank contains our patented HDF (high density fiber) locking mechanism which allows for easy, snap together installation. Rapid-Loc® Hardwood Flooring utilizes the locking HDF core for these numerous advantages over once typical solid hardwood flooring:

  • The HDF core is derived from recycled wood fiber and byproducts. Hardwoods made with this core use significantly less harvested wood than comparable engineered wood flooring. Thus, Rapid Loc® is a much "greener" option.
  • HDF is a reasonable choice in wood flooring for anyone considering a DIY installation because no gluing or nailing of the planks is necessary! Rapid-Loc® technology's easy "angle and push-down" action allows an inexperienced flooring installer to install a hardwood floor with professional results!
  • Our Rapid Loc® planks, like other engineered hardwood flooring products are real wood, but are a probable cost savings compared to purchasing a similar looking solid product.
  • The HDF core has a high dent resistance making the species hardness up to 2 times harder than in its solid state.
  • Rapid-Loc® hardwood flooring is now available in numerous species, textures, and colors.
  • The HDF core is has the highest moisture resistance found in real wood and allows our HDF products to be installed "below grade" or in rooms that may be more exposed to a higher moisture content, such as kitchens or basements.
  • Utilizing the HDF core, Rapid-Loc ® can also be installed directly over concrete, most vinyl floors, and radiant heating.

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In today's hardwood flooring industry great technological strides have been made to provide consumers with the products they demand. In appearance Rapid Loc® engineered HDF hardwoods may look the same as solid hardwoods, but below the surface there is a much better story!