Want the look and feel of natural, upscale wood but with the price and durability of a laminate floor?   Take the time to investigate our one of a kind, natural looking laminate flooring products.

Our laminate flooring is stunning in appearance and only discernable from real wood floors by a close inspection.  We offer either square or beveled edge laminate products to match the look of real wood flooring in your home or local market.  Laminate floors can come in an endless array of styles and looks and we offer products in either single plank or two or three strip for easier installation. The construction of laminate wood flooring involves the high pressure bonding of a moisture-resistant layer, high density fiberboard (HDF) and a high resolution image of natural wood covered in a hard, melamine resin coating. The top coating makes these floors extremely durable, scratch-resistant and helps protect the design layer underneath.  Our exclusive covershield durable surface overlay coating allows our laminate product to provide the versatility and durability of the most stoic and hardy flooring in any category.

Why choose Custom Surface Laminate flooring?

  • Twelve step, multi-layered meticulous manufacturing process that produces beautiful and durable laminate flooring with the highest quality in the market today.
  • Quality control process that monitor the chain of command of our product.
  • Available in over 75 different patterns, colors and textures.
  • All of our floors incorporate our exclusive covershield durable surface overlay coating which gives our floors a scratch resistance and hardness which is unparalleled in the market today.

Many consumers are initially attracted to laminate flooring because of the price. However, our products provide a look, style and grace that convince customers that laminate flooring is the right product. Not to mention the incredible bonus of economical pricing this product has to offer.

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