We offer the world's most innovative and diverse stone, glass and tile products that provide serenity and peacefulness.

Glass tiles have been used by decorators to provide dazzling light and accents to almost any décor. Primarily used to accent baths and kitchens with distinctive gleam and panache, glass has become a more popular choice for the world's innovative interior designers.  We have sourced beautiful and diverse glass products from around the world to meet the tastes of almost any consumer.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles, travertine and marble products are made of natural stone and earthen powders. Natural stones and powder are created by millions of years of different geological changes that took place in the Earth's crust. These changes result in the creation of a wide variety of vibrant colors and characteristics in stones and tiles that are not only beautiful, but are irreplaceable.  Our stone products provide a warmth and look that is natural, soothing and durable.

Our ceramic and porcelain tiles are sourced in Asia and South America.  We take great pride in providing products that are unique in design but priced to fit almost any budget.  We mine our travertine from the side of mountains in Turkey and convert the product into natural flooring and wall tiles for the United States market. A classic look developed by nature over millions of years, our travertine tiles add a distinguishably unique look and feel to flooring, backsplashes, and tub surrounds.

Why choose Custom Surface glass, stone, and tile?

  • We scour the world to bring you the most versatile and dynamic choices of patterns, colors and textures.
  • Quality control process monitors the chain of command of our product.
  • Available in over 400 different patterns, colors and textures.
  • Unequaled strength and crack resistance.

Let nature have a place in your home and investigate the endless possibilities that our stone, glass and tile can augment your personal decorating style.  Contact a BR Custom Surface sales representative today to learn more about options in Natural Stone.

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